Monday, December 30, 2013

Wow! It has been a long time. So much has happened, but I am determined to start this blog again. Henry is almost 6 and Lucille is 3 now. Here are some pictures to capture lost time. 2013 Year-end review....

Henry broke his arm at his 5th birthday this year. This is an Easter picture the day after the break.

This little "princess" loves to dress up! She was fighting with Henry in this picture because he was taking her wand. I love having a girl!
 Two cones are better than one! We love Chick-fil-a!!
 This is the last day of FUMC Preschool where they will both attend school together. Makes me so sad that my babies are growing up!!
 FUMC VBS 2013!!
 This child is a princess one day and a tom-boy the next day! I love having one of each!
 Yes, we bought a boat. Well, Tommy T did... Henry just drives it!
 Lynn died 10 years ago. We miss him everyday. Life will never be the same. 
 We got married 10 years ago. June 28th. Fun times and more to come!!
 Peach Day with the Gaither Family. Georgia has more peach packing plants than any other state!
 EHS Girls' Weekend 2013 --- Lake Martin
 Lake life. The kids love having a place at the lake and a BOAT. 
 Henry started Montgomery Academy this year. These are his wonderful, Senior Buddies!!
 First Day of Kindergarten. Luckily, you cannot see my tears!!


Katie said...

Hooray! The Robertsons are back in the blog world! I still have you guys on my side bar and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw an update! Loved the beautiful Christmas card this year and seeing the one with ALL of the grandchildren at Mom and Dad's! Happy New Year friends - hope 2014 is wonderful!

Miriam Tomczak said...

Beautiful pictures! You look like a really happy family!

Eldarwen Arcamenel said...

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Hooray! The Robertsons are back in the blog world! I still have you guys on my side bar and I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw an update!


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